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Helmet Heat Offers the Ultimate Protection Against Ice Dams in Southeast Michigan

We get our fair share of winter storms here in Southeast Michigan, which can take a toll on your exterior. Ice dams, in particular, pose a threat to your roof. These occur when ice forms at the edge of your roof due to clogged or frozen gutters.  Ice dams prevent water from melted snow from draining off, leading to water getting inside the home.  This can lead to many serious issues such as the growth of mold and mildew.

Luckily, with the help of Helmet Heat, you can help prevent the formation of these ice dams. This self-regulating heating cable system helps prevent the conditions for ice dams to form, offering superior protection against water damage to your roof. It’s also specifically designed to work with your Gutter Helmet system for ultimate performance. 

Here’s what sets Helmet Heat apart from other similar systems. 

  • Temperature change detection: Helmet Heat cables can detect changes in ambient temperature, turning on as needed during the winter. 
  • Just warm enough: Helmet Heat provides only enough heat to keep your gutters warm, but the cables aren’t hot to the touch. 
  • Safety always comes first: Helmet Heat is a safe system that is incapable of overheating. It is also GFCI protected.
Helmet Heat protects gutters from snow. Snow on top of gutters on a house in SE Michigan

Turn to Gutter Helmet of Southeast Michigan to Help Prevent Ice Dams This Winter

You should be able to have peace of mind that your gutters will always work as expected, no matter what the weather is like outside. Unfortunately, without the proper system in place, that won’t always be the case. Here’s what you can expect when you choose to install a Helmet Heat system: 

  • A nice aesthetic: Unlike other heating cables that are exposed and unsightly, Helmet Heat’s cables sit underneath your Gutter Helmet system for a nice, seamless look. 
  • No snow buildup: Helmet Heat helps prevent more than just ice formations; it also melts snow so it can’t build up on your Gutter Helmet system. 
  • Ice prevention in your gutters: With Helmet Heat, you won’t have to worry about ice forming in your gutters or downspouts, helping to prolong their lifespan. 

Comprehensive Gutter Protection

When you combine how a Gutter Helmet works to prevent water, debris, and pests out, with the additional protection of Gutter Helmet Heat, you get comprehensive for your gutters – no matter the weather!

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